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Sugar Plants

Sugar is a term for a class of edible crystalline carbohydrates, mainly sucrose, lactose, and fructose, characterized by a sweet flavor.

Sugar is widely used as a sweetening agent in beverages, food, sweets, carbonated drinks and also for preservation purpose in various applications both in domestic and industrial use. Sugar industry is one of the major industries in any developing economy and contributes in a big way towards its development.

Sugar is generally produced from sugar cane or sugar beet, however, commercial sugar is widely produced from Cane sugar.

Variant Infratech undertakes to set up Sugar projects ranging from 1,000 TCD to 15,000 TCD and beyond and also carries out rehabilitation, modernization and expansion of existing sugar mills. The engineering skills of Variant Infratech are backed by professionals from Sugar industry having more than 4 decades of experience in sugar technology, cane milling techniques and plant management. The Company offers :
Our engineers processes to harness the significant bye-products of sugar extraction from Cane. These include: Industrial Parks &Workshops
Infrastructure covers diverse areas such as Industrial parks, Ports, Roads, Telecommunication, Electricity, Health, Education and all modes of Transport. Variant sets up industrial parks as well as repair and maintenance workshops on turnkey basis.

Industrial Parks
Variant sets up industrial parks with all infrastructure facilities like
Industrial parks are generally located close to sea ports, rail road sidings, away from urban areas with a view to attract new business by providing integrated infrastructure and minimize the environmental impact.

Repair and Maintenance Workshops
We set up state-of-the-art repair and maintenance workshops dedicated to specific industries.

In order to keep the machinery and equipment in the proper working condition it is imperative that facilities be established for their proper repair and maintenance. Be it railway wagons, earth moving machinery, water pumps, engines, tractors, buses, machine tools, consumer durables - all need regular maintenance. Such workshops include :

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