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Electricity generation is the process of generating electric energy from other forms of energy. Electric power is vital for infrastructure development and growth of any economy. One cannot imagine the world without electricity. Electric power on large scale can be obtained from Hydropower Variant Infratech undertakes setting up power generation projects up to 100 MW and beyond.

Hydropower is power that is derived from the force or energy of moving water, which may be harnessed for useful purposes.

Today, the growing awareness and demand for clean energy through greater use of hydropower is a sociopolitical necessity. Besides conserving our fossil fuel reserves, hydropower is non-polluting, abundant and self-renewing source. Hydropower is not only environment friendly but is also cost effective and has the highest operating efficiency of all known power generation systems.

Variant Infratech has rich experience in setting up hydropower projects for all heads and outputs up to 100 MW and beyond, covering: The Company sets up Mini and Micro hydel projects with matching generators for different head discharge conditions.

Variant Infratech Pvt. Ltd. also undertakes Hydroelectric power projects engineered by Variant enhance optimum compatibility with environment and safety requirements.

Thermal Power Plants
Variant Infratech sets up thermal plants to produce up to 500 MW and supplies steam turbines, generators, boilers and matching auxiliaries.

Gas Turbine Power Plants
Gas based power plants are more suited for Countries producing Natural gas. Variant Infratech sets up gas-based power plants up to 250 MW for both open and closed cycle operations.

Diesel Generating Sets
Variant Infratech offers to set up electricity generation plants using fuels viz. Diesel and HFO upto 100 MW and beyond. The Regular / Silent Generating sets are complete with Acoustic enclosures, Control Panels for all applications like AMF,

Diesel Power Plants are reliable and ideally suited for back up facility or captive requirements of the industry. 

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