AAC Conductor

AAC Conductor

We offer a comprehensive range of AAC conductors, which is ideal for use in urban areas.

The short spacing and corrosion resistance property of aac conductors make them suitable for coastal areas.

These aac conductors are made from excellent quality aluminium wire strands. Moreover, these are stringently tested on various parameters, before dispatch.

The high-performance and desired results of our AAC conductor are some of the key aspects that have raised their demand among the clients.

Our clients can avail these conductors at industry's best prices.

Lighting Fixtures

Lighting Fixtures

We specialize in manufacturing Lighting Fixtures that are exclusively designed and made by using superior grade raw material to meet international quality standards.

A light fixture is an electrical device used to create artificial light and/or illumination, by use of an electric lamp.

These light fixtures have a fixture body, a light socket to hold the lamp and allow for its replacement, which may also have a switch to operate the fixture, and also require an electrical connection to a power source, often by using electrical connectors with portable fixtures.

Light fixtures may also have other features, such as reflectors for directing the light, an aperture, an outer shell or housing for lamp alignment and protection, and an electrical ballast and/or power supply.

Our wide variety of special light fixtures are created for use in the automotive lighting industry, aerospace, marine and medicine. Beside this, we offer customized solution to our clients on this range to meet their changing demands and needs.

ACSR Conductor

ACSR Conductor

Aluminum conductor steel reinforced (ACSR) cable is a specific type of high-capacity, high-strength stranded cable typically used in overhead power lines.

Their outer strands are aluminum, chosen for its excellent conductivity, low weight and low cost. The center strand is of steel for the strength required to support the weight without stretching the aluminum due to its ductility. This gives the cable an overall high tensile strength.

This ACSR is widely used in power transmission lines with various voltage levels.

They are highly acknowledged for their good characteristics such as simple structure, convenient installation and maintenance, low cost for the line, etc.

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We are involved in manufacturing and supplying of a wide range of conductors for usage across medium & low voltage applications. A conductor is a material which contains movable electric charges.

Our conductors are corrosion resistant and are accurately hardened on surface for reducing the damage to surface during handling.

Our conductors have higher Strength to Weight Ratio and are very economical.

Polymeric Insulator

Polymeric Insulator

We are one of the leading suppliers of Polymeric Insulators that are highly acknowledged for their better performance. Polymeric Insulator consists of a fiberglass core covered with weather resistance polymeric shedded sleeve and aluminium end fittings.

These insulators offer significant advantage like better performance in highly polluted environment, flame / arc resistance, resistance to chemicals and UV rays and are Vandal proof.

Better creepage and good electrical properties are the prominent features of these insulators.

Specially designed polymeric material used in these insulators have a self cleaning property.

EC Grade Cathodic Copper Rods

EC Grade Cathodic Copper Rods

Copper Rod and Wires

We supply high quality Copper Rod produced from our state-of-the-art copper casting plant.

Our Copper Rods are sourced from various parts of the globe and are Copper Cathode 8mm diameter Electrolytic Tough Pitch (ETP) Copper Rod as per BS EN 1977:1998 and ASTM-B49-08a suitable to produce:

  • Power Cables
  • Automobile Wire Harnesses
  • Communication Cables
  • House wiring
  • Overhead copper conductors (SDBC)
  • Transformer Windings
  • Porcelain Insulator

    Porcelain Insulator

    We manufacture low, medium and high voltage insulators, using the high-quality material, technology, and production skills to create innovative technical ceramic products.

    Porcelain insulators are made from clay, quartz or alumina and feldspar, and are covered with a smooth glaze to shed water. Insulators made from porcelain rich in alumina are used where high mechanical strength is required.

    Porcelain has a dielectric strength of about 4–10 kV/mm. Our porcelain insulators are designed to meet electricity demands globally in a most cost-effective manner.

    These porcelain insulators can endure high amount of temperature and current. This is an ideal solution for maintaining safety in several electrical appliances.

    Consumer Luminaires

    Consumer Luminaires

    We offer our clients a comprehensive range of consumer luminaires, in the form of lighting fixtures and electrical accessories. Our consumer luminaires are made from high quality materials and with superior technology to provide you the best lighting solutions.

    They are made from heavy gauge crca sheets and wired with open construction compact copper ballasts. They are also fitted with attractive abs caps and are made to fit different wattage of fluorescent lights. Owing to the features of low power consumption, high performance and efficient functioning, these are widely acknowledged by our customers.

    Catering to the wide application in various domestic and commercial sectors, these are offered to our customers at industry leading prices.



    We are involved in manufacturing and supplying of an excellent range of insulators. An insulator is a substance that resists the flow of electric current.

    Our range of insulators are precision engineered and manufactured using latest technologies to offer smooth and uninterrupted performance.

    Our insulators are widely recommended for their rugged construction and vibration free operation. These are very easy to install and are available in various capacities as per the demands of clients. Moreover, they can avail these insulators at affordable rates.

    General Lighting Services

    General Lighting Services

    We offer lighting solutions to our clients by providing them a full range of lighting products and accessories. Our products are designed to combine top performance and energy efficiency with contemporary design and aesthetic beauty.

    Our wide variety of lighting products solves the most critical tasks and extensively used for both interior and exterior applications.

    AAAC Conductor

    AAAC Conductor

    AAAC is widely used in power transmission lines with various voltages. This type of conductor is made from aluminium-magnesium-silicon alloy of high electrical conductivity containing enough magnesium silicide to give it better mechanical properties after treatment.

    AAAC conductor has better corrosion resistance and better strength to weight ratio and improved electrical conductivity than ACSR conductor on equal diameter basis.

    AAAC can carry at least 15-20% extra current as compared to ACSR of equal size.
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